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IMG_3158 - Version 2BRETT BERK, M.S., Ed., worked as a classroom teacher and a preschool director, and a research consultant to educational not-for-profit and governmental institutions and some of the world’s largest producers of kids’ educational media, toys, and consumer products. His writing on children, parenting, and child development has appeared in The Advocate, Babble, The Chicago Tribune, Cookie, Momlogic, Time Out New York Kids and Yahoo!Shine, and Vanity Fair..

For nine years, Brett worked as a fiction writing Instructor at The New School University in New York City, and his award-winning short stories have appeared in journals including Tin House, FICTION, Other Voices, and The Mississippi Review. Brett is also the author of the humorous instructive non-fiction book The Gay Uncle’s Guide to Parenting (Crown/Random House 2008).

Brett now works mainly as a freelance journalist. He is a regular contributor to Vanity Fair and VF.com where he writes about cars, politics, and popular culture. He is the Writer-At-Large for The Drive, Time Inc.’s new publication focusing on cars and culture. His non-fiction has also appeared in Autoblog, Autoweek, BBC.com, Billboard, Black Ink, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Pursuits, Car and Driver, Celebrated Living, CNN.com, Departures, DETAILS, ELLE Decor, Esquire, GQ, The Globe & Mail, The Huffington Post, Jalopnik, The L.A. Times, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Popular Mechanics, Road & Track, ShowBoats International, Travel + Leisure, Vogue.com, WIRED, and Yahoo! Autos.

Brett and his boyfriend of twenty-six years, the writer Tal McThenia, divide their time between New York City and a house in upstate New York.