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Modern Misfits: The Chevy SSR

Road & Track

The Evolution of Automotive Advertising
The Evolution of Automotive Fashion
The Evolution of Automotive Safety
The Evolution of Automotive Comfort
Will Ellis Drive? Converting an Automotive Agnostic Millennial WITH VIDEO
Driving the 1910 Prinz Heinrich Mercedes Benz WITH VIDEO!
Interview: Sam Sheridan, author of “The Disaster Diaries”

Lamborghini Miura Roadster: Top-Off One-Off
Andrew McCarthy Talks Cars, Cocaine, and Kansas
BMW Sounds Off at the Frieze Art Fair


The GQ Guide to 2012’s Best Cars

Seven Adventures in Highly Unlikely Locales
Cars For Every Imaginable Type of Traveler

Huffington Post

I’m Glad Mitt Romney Wasn’t in My Class at Cranbrook, or My Big Gay Hair Would Have Been in Danger.
Minivan Sales are Up, but Don’t Call it a Comeback
Dance. Dance. Revolution!
Q&A: Victor LaValle Discusses Jason Voorhees, Multiple Satans, and his New Literary Horror Novel

Yahoo! Autos Motoramic

Motoramic Drives: Subaru BRZ
Motoramic Drives: Jaguar XKR-S
Coughing Through the Sour Smell of Success at the Beijing Auto Show
Motoramic Drives: The Mercedes GLK, Reanimated
Motoramic Drives: Audi RS5
How Brown Became the Red Hot Color For New Cars
The Mercedes Sprinter: It Takes a Village People
Bentley Continental GT: At Home in The Jungle
Nissan Sentra and A Spoon Full of Sugar
Nissan Pathfinder: Evolution of the Species
The Lone Upside to Losing your Car to Hurricane Sandy!
As Automakers Pick Future Names, the DeVille is in the DTS
Spanish Police Impound Fleet of Mercedes AMGs from American Media on Test Drive
Mercedes E-Class: Pressed and Steamed
Acura RLX: A Techno Remix of the Original
Chevrolet Convertible Touts its Top Dropping Speed in Geneva
Alfa-Romeo 4C: Landing Soon on American Soil, Lightly
Rolls-Royce Wriath, a 624 Horsepower Fastback Coupe Thunders into Geneva
Aston Martin Marks its 100th with a More Rapid Rapide
Aston Martin Rapide S: Big Mouth Strikes Again
Shanghai Soars, China Matures

Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Car Spies
Book Review: “Thinking Small: The Long Strange Trip of the VW Beetle”
Book Review: “We’re With Nobody” The Clean Tale of a Dirty Business
Space Tourism: A Survival Guide
A Flying Car for Just $279,000
10 Things Ford’s Edgy New Mustang Won’t Be
Extreme Test Drives
American ICON: Jonathan Ward’s Cool Car Shop

Vanity Fair

Why I’m Giving Up on Glee
Glee’s 10 Gayest Moments of 2011
The Gay Guide to Glee: Extraordinary Merry Christmas
The Gay Guide to Glee: Hold on to Sixteen
The Gay Guide to Glee: I Kissed a Girl
The Gay Guide to Glee: Mash Off
The Gay Guide to Glee: The First Time
The Gay Guide to Glee: Pot ‘O Gold
Q&A: National Book Award Un-Nominee Lauren Myracle
The Gay Guide to Glee: Asian F
Anna Faris is Ready for her Meth-Head Hooker Close-Up
The Gay Guide to Glee: I Am Unicorn
The Gay Guide to Glee: The Purple Piano Project
Glee Cast Talks Season 3, Psychotic Cats, Nudity.
How are Members of Glee’s Cast Spending Their Summer Vacation?
The Gay Guide to Glee: New York
The Gay Guide to Glee: Funeral
Glee’s Jonathan Groff is not Kung Fu Panda, but will Still Kick Cory Monteith’s Ass
The Gay Guide to Glee: Prom Queen
Glee’s Josh Sussman Picks Mr. Schue as his Gay Prom Date
The Gay Guide to Glee: Rumors
The Gay Guide to Glee: Born This Way
Glee’s Max Adler Talks Born This Way
The Gay Guide to Glee: A Night of Neglect
Glee’s Cheyenne Jackson Does Not Deny The Possibility of a Schue/Goolsby Affair
Ten Spring Break Tips from Glee’s Principal Figgins
The Gay Guide to Glee: Original Song
Q&A: Glee’s Naya Rivera Plays Lesbian Multiple Choice
The Gay Guide to Glee: Sexy
Q&A: Anna Faris on Topher Grace’s Obsession with the 80s
The Gay Guide to Glee: Blame it on the Alcohol
The Gay Guide to Glee: Comeback
The Gay Guide to Glee: Silly Love Songs
Glee’s Ashley Fink Does Not Deny Rumors of a Girl-on-Girl Jell-O Fight in Tonight’s Episode
The Gay Guide to Glee: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Glee Music Supervisor PJ Bloom Scores the Superbowl
Glee Cast Reveals Secrets–and Secret Fantasies–for Season 2.5
Shameless Gay Teen Cameron Monaghan is the Anti-Kurt Hummel
Why Does This Glee Comic Book Exist?
Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Repeal is a Means to an ENDA
A Night On the Town with Glee‘s Heather Morris
The Top 10 WORST Top 10 Lists of 2010
2010’s Gayest Glee Moments
Glee Nabs Five Golden Globe Nominations
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 10 – “A Very Glee Christmas”
Glee Music Supervisor PJ Clark Dreams of a Rush, Bowie, or Sex Pistols Episode
Stop Believin’, or Don’t? Glee, Journey, and the Grammys
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 9 – “Special Education”
Car Shopping with Glee‘s Chord Overstreet (w/Video!)
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 8 – “Furt”
Glee Bully Max Adler Wants to Get in Touch with his Inner Show-Queen
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 7 – “The Substitute”
Album Review: The Glee Christmas Album
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 6 – “Never Been Kissed”
Glee’s Darren Criss: Interview
Would Kids be Such Incorrigible Bullies if the Adults Around them Weren’t Such Intolerant Ass-Hats?
A Gay Guide to the World Series
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 5 – “The Rocky Horror Glee Show”
Justin Bieber Documentarian Jon M. Chu Pretty Much Owns the Internet
Why GQ‘s Sexy Glee Photos are Gleefully Sexy (if a bit Trite
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 4 – “Duets”
What’s up with All This Gay Bashing?
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 3 – “Grilled Cheesus”
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 2 – “Britney/Brittany”
The Gay Guide to Glee: Season 2, Episode 1 – “Audition”
Will Chord Overstreet Go The Full Brokeback on Glee?
Glee’s Dot-Marie Jones Could Kick All of Our Asses
Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell? Or Just Be Gay and Get On With the Killing?
Glee Whiz: Dianna Agron
New Sex Manual Written by Sexless Virgins
Are Steven Slater and Breffney Flynn REALLY American Heroes?
Is Step Up 3D the Best Dance-Off Movie Ever?
How to Bribe the Supreme Court into Overturning Prop 8
If the Roberts Court Overturns DOMA, I will Gay Marry my Boyfriend on the Tilt-a-Whirl
Chris Colfer: Puppy Kicker?
Glee and Mad Men Go to War for the Soul of America
What Is The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, and Why Aren’t You Watching It Right Now?
Why Have Kids?
How to Have the Gayest Summer Ever
Jonah Hex Review: Teabaggers With Big Fiery Balls
A-Team Review: The Good, The Bad, and The All-Lady Remake
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 22: “Journey”
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 21: “Funk”
Toasting the Glee Stage Show at Radio City Music Hall
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 20: “Theatricality”
Repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: A Sno-Ball in Hell
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 19: “Dream On”
Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. Speaks! (And He Wants His Lady Gaga Costume)
Newsweek’s Ramin Setoodeh Can’t Stand Sissies
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 18: “Laryngitis”
Glee’s Heather Morris Wants to Sing a Lesbian Duet of “Computer Blue”
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 17: “Bad Reputation”
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 16: “Home”
Glee’s Chris Colfer Wants to Show You His Ass
Archie Goes Gay
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 15: “The Power of Madonna”
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 14: “Hell-O”
Yes, Glee’s Kevin McHale Will Be White Boy Rapping This Season
The REAL Question: Could Animals Be Any MORE Gay?
Ask an 11 Year-Old: What’s the Deal with Justin Bieber?
Ricky Martin’s Out: Who Comes Next?
New Orleans Sissy Bounce: Rap Goes Drag
The Seven Circles of Mardi Gras Hell (and Heaven)
VIDEO: Drew Brees Tosses Off at Me
The Who Dat Nation Emerges Triumphant
Getting Superficial About the Superbowl
Mad at Mad Men
Obama Welcomes Gays into the Military!
GLEE: How Not to Fuck it Up
Oscar Contenders: Gay Porn Variants
Everything’s Gayer in Texas
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 13, “Sectionals”
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 12, “Mattress”
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 11, “Hairography”
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 10 “Ballad”
The Gay Guide to Glee, Episode 9 “Wheels”

The Anti Prom Rocks the Library

Stick Shift: The Gay Car Blog

Time Out New York

Why I Love New York – Neighborhood Guide: The Lower East Side
Why I love New York – Neighborhood Guide: The East Village

Time Out New York Kids

Artist Mimi Gross’ Playground in Robert Venable Park in Brooklyn


“Crying Uncle: Parenthood Ruined My Best Friends”

“The Gender Spectrum”

“The Gender Spectrum Quiz”

“Pinocchio Parenting”

The Good Divorce

Financial Advice From Kids

Scenes from a Recession

Career Advice From Kids

Fashion Advice From Kids

Relationship Advice From Kids

Queer Literature for Kids

In Praise of Junk!

Food Advice from Kids

Ad Literacy 101

Family Values: Ten Lessons You Can Teach Your Kids with GLEE

NPR-All Things Considered

“On Lockdown”

Chicago Tribune

Beware of “Not Fair”
Preschool FAQ
Their Personalities are Still Developing
“Up” has its Down Moments: Explaining Death to Kids
Parent ‘Hood: Princess Dress Dilemma
Parent ‘Hood: Breaking the Junk Food Habit
Parent ‘Hood: Bed Wetting Solutions
Parent ‘Hood: Things We Love
Family Travel Time: What to do
How to Handle an Argumentative Child
Parenting New Year’s Resolutions
Real Advice from Real Moms
Father’s Day Memories
Arguing with your In-Laws in Front of the Kids?
Parenting Tips for the New Year
Defending Cliches
How to Prepare for the New School Year
Bold Resolutions for the New Year
The One Piece of Advice All New Moms Should Abide

Shine (on Yahoo)

“Lying to your kid’s preschool teacher”


Why Pinching Your Child Back is Counterproductive

How to Get Rid of Your Child’s Pacifier

5 Reasons to Let Your Son Pee Sitting Down

For the Love of God, Get this Baby out of my Bed!

The Girl Who Would Only Eat Waffles

Disciplining Other People’s Kids

Getting Over Over-Scheduling
Do You Believe in Santa?
Clean Your Balls


In Praise of Junk
Why Have Kids?
Octuplets are Gross!
My Kids BFF is BS
Get Off the Minivan Bandwagon
Little Master Bates
Tackling Tiny Trannys
Hey Son, It’s Okay to be Gay
What’s in a Name?
Waitress! (Dinnertime Help)
It’s a Jungle Down There
To Grandmother’s House Wii Go
The Toddler Urinal
No Kill Zone
Bribing Your Kids: Bad!
Lying Around the House
Dial it Down
Curse You Gay Uncle
The Junk in Granny’s Trunk
Not MY Friend
Cain and Abel Department: Eye for Eye Edition
Nose Picking: Good
Biting Wit
The New Eugenics?
Disney: Straight and Narrow?
Gender Time
Life’s a Drag
To Mad Men: Don’t try to Trick Me
The End of the Rainbow
Parents: The Worst Part of Preschool
Getting In
Raising Kids in “Gay Families”
Schools Try to Ban Bake Sales. What the f…?
Six Year Old Criminal, Thwarted
“Wild Thinged”
“Lez Ya Bunches”
“Proudly Pro-Phthalate”
“Santa is a Creep”
Plane and Simple
“Beaten and Misunderstood.”
Gay Uncles are Necessary
Butting Heads; Butting Out
How Not To Speak Whine
I <3 Lauren Myracle
Sleepover-less In Seattle
Throw (This) Mama from the Plane
The RL Gang Conquers the World
Your Son, In a Dress

The Advocate

Gay Uncling

My Mom is Trying to Out-Gay Me!


Setting Claire Boundaries
Sperm Donation: Eugenics, or Family Bonding?
They Might Be Driving Electric Cars

The Faster Times

Can a Gay Uncle Really Teach us How to Parent?


Choosing a Preschool
Why Your Kid Freaks Out