Brett Berk


BLiP Research is a full-service research and consulting practice, specializing in the fields of youth and families, education, and media, and often operating at the intersection of two or all three of these areas. BLiP researchers investigate, assess, and synthesize consumers” responses to a wide range of products, properties, messages, services and experiences, working with projects from the conceptual level up through to finished form, and at any phase in between. Our research helps our clients to refine their ideas, to test their products” appeal, to implement their strategies, and to evaluate their efficacy.

BLiP”s research approach is an iterative one, and as such, involves examining our client”s stimulus (in whatever form it may take) from a variety of perspectives, and through a suite of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. We find that our in-depth and concentrated investigations yield data that is lucid, focused, and highly actionable for our clients. In order to accomplish this, we place a high value on clear communication, striving to create a dialogue in which we define the precise objectives of the research project and refine the practices and protocols we will take to achieve these results in collaboration with our client. By keeping our clients informed and involved at each step along the way””from drafting proposals and creating instruments, to conducting on-site fieldwork and generating finished reports””we are able to be highly responsive to their needs as a project develops, and thus to optimize the research process.

Following from this dedication to adaptability, one of the hallmarks of BLiP”s approach is its use of flexible research teams. Working with a diverse, core group of research specialists””but having no full-time employees””BLiP is able to assemble the staff for each job on a per-project basis, and thus, to custom tailor each research team to best suit the specific needs of the client, audience, and stimulus. This flexibility allows us to bring together an incredibly engaged and enthusiastic group of experts for each project, and to deliver this expertise to our clients at a very reasonable cost.

BLiP”s researchers hold specializations in the fields of child development, psychology, education, institutional organization, graphic arts, branding, market research, media studies, interactive technology, and communication””among others. But all of our team members are well-versed and expert in conducting research with children and families, and hold the skills, language, and sensitivities necessary for speaking with, listening to, and deriving meaning from these respondents.

Brett Berk, BliP”s principal and coordinator, has worked in the world of applied research since 1998. During this time””in addition to his work with BLiP”“he has acted as a consultant to a number of New York-based research companies including Applied Research & Consulting, Insight Research, Jolliffe Research Group, Just Kid Inc., The Michael Cohen Group, and Relevant Research.